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  • Messi: I don't want to compete with Ronaldo The Argentine says he is not motivated by winning individual honours, explaining that he only wants to win titles at Barcelona, where he says is perfectly happy

  • Marseille duo Payet and Gignac earn France recalls The pair have been in excellent form for Marcelo Bielsa's side and will have their opportunity for the national side in the forthcoming friendly matches

  • Messi: Neymar can be the best in the world The Argentine has revealed that he has a great relationship with the 22-year-old - on and off the field - and says he is more than happy to turn provider for the Brazilian


Orodyahanka Dhalasho Ahaan Ka Soo Jeeda Somaliland, Una Ordayey Britain Mo Farah (Maxamed Faarax) Oo Taariikh Aan Hore Loo Arag Dhigay Orodka 10,000 Metre

Orodyahanka Maxamed Faarax oo dhalasho ahaan ka soo jeeda Somaliland balse u orda dalka boqortooyada ingiriiska oo uu ku koray ayaa caawa taariikh cusub dhigay ka dib markii uu ku guulaystay orodka 10,000 Meter.

Maxamed Faarax wuxuu kaga adkaaday orodkani ninkii hore u haystay orodkani Bekelle oo u dhashay dalka Ethiopia wuxuuna orday 27 daqiiqadood iyo 30 ilbidhiqsi, isagoo xawaare aan xad lahayn kaga goostay orodyahankii ugu dhawa oo ka soo jeeday dalka maraykanka ah.

Maxamed Faarax ayaa daqiiqadahii hore ee orodka wuxuu ku jiray kaalinta dhexe isagoo intaanu orodkani hore u bilaabmin u sheegay warbaahinta inuu saxayo khaladkii uu gallay kal hore markii Beijing lagu cayaaraayey oo uu tamartiisii wada isticmaalay.

Maxamed Faarax ayaa markii wareegii 25-naad ee orodka la gaadhay wuxuu bilaabay inuu sida faraska uga dhex boodo orodyahanadii kale iyadoo orodyahanadda kale ay la yaabeen fagaxda iyo tamarta Maxamed Faarax.

Markii uu guulaystay ayuu ilmeeyey, wuxuuna laba jeer dhigay dhulka sujuud isagoo ilaahay u mahad celiyey, gabadha yar ee uu dhallay iyo xaaskiisa Tanya ayaa ku soo orday.

Maxamed Faarax keliya kuma uu guulaysan billadda dahabka ah ee 10,000 ee Meter balse wuxuu dhigay taariikh aan hore loo arag, wuxuu noqday orodyahankii ugu horeeyey ee taariikhda Britain ku guulaysta ilaa xadkani 10,000 Meter, wuxuu sidoo kale dhulka dhigay oo ka adkaaday orodyahanadii qaaradda Afrika ee ethiopia iyo Kenya oo iyagu xuurto ku haystay orodkani.

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