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Kooxda Kubada Gacanta Ee Dahab Shiil


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  • Rockets' James Harden expects to play through knee injury: 'It can't get worse' James Harden refuses to let his injury keep him off the court. The Rockets guard was "pretty close" to sitting out the team's 115-111 win over the Bucks on Saturday with a bruised right knee, but played through the pain and expects[…]

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  • Kobe Bryant is finally ready to say goodbye Baxter Holmes ESPN Staff Writer Close Covers the Los Angeles Lakers for Follow on Twitter EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- He would peek up while sprinting out of the Staples Center tunnel for warm-ups, and again as the anthem played,[…]


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  • PSG star Mbappe beats Man Utd's Martial to top award The teenager received an early birthday present as he was named his country's outstanding young footballer

  • Man Utd team news: Mata, Lingard & Lukaku start in attack against West Brom Jose Mourinho has made three changes to the side that defeated Bournemouth 1-0 on Wednesday as they look to close the gap on Man City to 11 points

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  • FUTmas: FIFA 18's Christmas Ultimate Team offers revealed EA Sports has introduced a series of squad-building challenges and rewards that will be up for grabs across the next 10 days of the holiday season

  • Man Utd draft teenager Kehinde into first-team training The Lagos-born midfielder could feature for the Red Devils against West Brom on Sunday after an injury crisis befell the club


Kooxda Kubadda Cagta ee ku Ciyaareysay Magaca Shirkadda Somaliland Brava rage Industry (SBI)

Kooxda Kubadda Cagta ee ku Ciyaareysay Magaca Shirkadda Sharaabka Coca-Cola-ha Somaliland ee Somaliland Brava rage Industry (SBI) ayaa maanta Afar iyo eber kaga badisay Kooxda ku ciyaareysay Hoobaan,

kadib markii galabta Ciyaar aad u qurux badan ku dhex martey Garoonka kubadda Cagta ee Hargeysa Stadium ee Caasimada Hargeysa.


Ciyaartan dhexmartey labada Kooxood ee ku kala Ciyaarayey Shirkada Cola cola-ha Somaliland ee SBI iyo kooxda ku Ciyaareysay magaca Hoobaan ayaa oo ka mid ahayd tartanka bisha ramadaan ka socda garoonkaasi. Ayaa ahayd Ciyaar aad u xiisa badan oo dadweynihii daawanayey soo jiidatay, kadib markii koox waliba soo bandhigtey Ciyaar aad u qurux badan.

Ciyaartan u dhaxeysay labada Kooxood ayaa waxay ku bilaabantey jewi qurux badan oo dadweynihii dawanayey soo jiidatey,taas oo koox waliba dardar la soo gashay garoonka, oo ay ciyaartu ahayd weerar iyo weerar-celis ayaa markii ay Ciyaartu socotey rubuc ayaa waxa goolkii 1aad keenay kooxda ku Ciyaareysay magaca Shirkada Coca-Cola-ha ee SBI waxaana goolkaasi u dhaliyey Ciyaaryahanka magaciisa la yidhaahdo Mukhtaar Baashe oo kooxda uga ciyaarayey difaaca una sitey funaanada Number 3,

Kadib markii uu goolka kowaad dhashay ayaa waxay ciyaartii noqotey ciyaar kuluul, taas oo ka danbeysay kadib markii kooxda Hoobaan ay soo qaaday weerar culus si ay u keento goolka laga dhaliyey,nasiib wanaag wax gool ah may keenin, hasayeeshe qeybtii hore ee Ciyaartu markii ay gebogebo ku dhaweyd ayaa Kooxda SBI la timid goolkoodii 2aad, waxaana u dhaliyey Ciyaaryahanka Mubaarig Robinho oo kooxda uqaata Number-ka 11aad, waxaanay qeybtii hore ee Ciyaartu ku dhamaatey laba gool iyo eber ay lahayd Kooxda Hoobaan.

Markii la isugu soo noqday qeybtii labaad ee Ciyaarta oo koox waliba dardar kula soo noqotey garoonka, ayaa markii ay Ciyaartu socotey 3-daqiiqadood ayaa Kooxda SBI la timid goolkii 3aad waxaana u dhaliyey Kabtanka kooxda Ridwaan Heetiye oo kooxda u sitey Number-ka 7aad.

Inkasta kooxda ku Ciyaareysay magaca Hoobaan ay soo bandhigtey Ciyaar qurux badan waxay iska lumisay fursado badan oo ay heleen, taa bedelkeedana waxa ka faa’iideystey kooxda ku ciyaareysay magaca Shirkada Coca-Cola-ha Somaliland ee SBI.

Ciyaartu markii ay gebogebo ku dhaweyd ayaa Kooxda ku ciyaareysay SBI la timid goolkoodii 4aad waxaana u dhaliyey Ayaanle Isqaniin oo kooxda uga Ciyaarayey difaaca, una sitey numberka 4aad, waxaanay guushii sidaas ku raacday Kooxda ku Ciyaareysay magaca Shirkadda Sharaabka Coca-Cola-ha Somaliland ee SBI

Ciyaartan oo ka mid ah tartanka bisha ramadaan ka socda garoonka kubadda Cagta ee Hargeysa Stadium ee Caasimada Somaliland ee Hrageysa, ayaa waxa maalgeliyey oo dhigay koobkaasi Ciyaaryankii hore ee Kubadda Cagta Yuusuf Nuux Yuusuf (Yuusuf Tadhase) oo wakhtigan degen dalka Norway, kaas oo ka shaqeya kuna hawlan horumarinta Ciyaaraha Somaliland.

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