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  • Galliani: Milan saved €37 million on Fernando Torres The 30-year-old is set to complete a two-year loan move to San Siro, seven years after the Sere A side bulked at the price tag when attempting to sign him from Atletico Madrid

  • Bundesliga suits me well - Alonso The midfielder is impressed by the German league so far and admitted he was too tired to play the full 90 minutes against Schalke on Saturday

  • Conte leaves Balotelli out of first Italy squad The new Azzurri boss unveiled his first team and has omitted the Liverpool striker, which could be down to his suspension from the Euro 2016 qualifier against Norway

  • Manchester City should have had a penalty - Pellegrini The Premier League champions fell to a surprise 1-0 loss at home to Stoke City, leaving their manager perplexed by the decision not to award his team a spot-kick

  • Atletico must improve - Simeone The Argentine coach believes the results in the first two weeks of the campaign have shown that all clubs are equal and believes his players are still getting used to each other


Deeqay Qalab Sporti Iyo 2 Milyan Oo Sl Shilin Ah ayaa Maanta la gudoonsiiyay Kooxda Kubada cagta ee Shubeyaasha


Kooxda kubbadda Cagta ee Shube ayaa arbacadii la guddoonsiiyey deeq isugu jirtay qalab isboorti iyo waliba lacag Kaash ah,

taasi oo uu soo diray C/raxmaan C/laahi Cabdi Shube oo ah mulkiilaha kooxdan joogana wadanka Kuwayt.


Qalab Isboorti oo isugu jira Garamaan, Kubbado, Kabo, Sharabaado, iyo waliba Lacag Kaash ah oo dhanayd 2000’0000 Sl Shilin ah, ayaa guddoonsiintoodu waxay ku soo beegantay iyagoo dareenkoodu aad u sarreeyo oo rajaynaya inay ku guulaytaan koobka Ramadaanta.

Deeqdan oo lagu soo hagaajiyey lataliyaha madaxweynaha arrimaha dadka lahayb-sooco Barkhad Jaamac Xirsi ayaa waxa uu isaguna gaadhsiiyey kabtanka kooxdaasi iyo guud ahaan ciyaartoyga Shube oo ciyaar ku lahaa garoonka kubadda Cagta ee Xawaadle oo uu ka socdo koobka Ramadaantu.

Kooxdan Shube oo ku cayaarta magaca Abwaankii weynaa Naxariistii janno Ilaahay haka waraabiyee C/laahi Cabdi Shube, ayaa ah koox adag oo aad isugu duuban, isla markaana waxay soo hooyeen intii ay jireen guulow waaweyn

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Kooxda Kubada Gacanta Ee Dahab Shiil


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  • The Minnesota Timberwolves haven't made the playoffs in 10 years and just traded the face of their franchise so he can go chase a championship with LeBron James in Cleveland. Kevin Love is gone now, and yet somehow the Timberwolves[…]

  • US dominates Finland 114-55 in basketball worlds (Yahoo Sports) ''Our coaches were encouraging us to keep up that effort by telling us every timeout, every dead ball, they only had two points or whatever,'' guard Stephen Curry said. Finland was 0 for 17 in the second quarter, missing all[…]

  • MIAMI (AP) -- A man already in prison on a real estate fraud conviction has been charged in Florida with a multi-million-dollar investment scam involving three former Miami Heat players and the team itself.

  • Sterling says Clippers deal started with 2 numbers (Yahoo Sports) When asked how much money she wanted to sell the Los Angeles Clippers, the wife of disgraced team owner Donald Sterling handed a piece of paper to her lawyer with two numbers: $1.5 to $2. In an exclusive interview Thursday[…]

  • LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Clippers waived guard-forward Carlos Delfino and center Miroslav Raduljica three days after they were acquired.